Hello, my name is Ichik Umer

I'm an interface designer from Moscow, Russia. 13 years in this industry and still rocking.

In 2014–2016 I worked at Avito, the biggest site for online classified ads in Russia and Europe (and 3rd biggest in the world).

In 2011–2013 I worked at First Forma (the most powerful enterprise task-management system in Russia). I designed interfaces for a web-based system itself and various iOS companion apps.

In 2013 I won Volvo's Dribbble design playoff.

I have experience with web interfaces, motion design and print. I worked for various clients sizing from a small family-businesses to high-load services with millions of users daily.

I have a gaming blog Sequence Break. English versions of published reviews can be found in my Steam profile (for the most part).

You can read my book reviews at Книжный Четверг.

I wrote some texts about video games for Look At Me and Kanobu.

Feel free to contact me via hello@ichikumer.ru.